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metti in gioco la musica
workshops for musical education

Metti in gioco la musica
October 2010 - June 2011
Educative workshops

The new program named metti in gioco la musica, workshops for musical education presented by the Museo della Musica, is already available in .pdf format found on this page, in order to get a preview of the new activities for the scholastic year 2010-2011. In addition, all the schools in and around Bologna have already been sent information about the new online reservation system: in order to avoid the unhandy telephone reservation system, starting September 21st the users will be able to sign on to the website

www.sophia2000.it (online reservations)

on which free reservations can be made following the directions provided on the site.
It will be possible to choose your desired workshop and request a reservation.
Subsequently, the user will be contacted via email or phone to confirm the reservation, and the user will then receive a definitive confirmation..

In order to cancel a reserved visit you must fax 051-2757728 or email labmuseomusica@comune.bologna.it at least three days before the date of the planned visit.

You may contact the Metti in gioco la musica teachers for information only Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 12:30 at 051 2757 732-733-735 or via email at labmuseomusica@comune.bologna.it.

Beginning October 12th, the starting date of the workshops, you may only call 051 2757711 to leave your information. A member of the staff will call you back. Like every year, we suggest you request reservation times in advance in order to have more choice of dates and types of workshops.

Logo programma didattica 10/11>List of workshops (ita)
(.pdf 830 Kb)

The online program of Metti in gioco la musica is available online, while the hard copy version will be available in the Museum's bookshop or can be sent by mail at the teachers' request.

The workshops are free and start October 12th.
Tuesday through Friday, 9:30-12 and 14-16.

Please remember that reservations are required.

www.sophia2000.it (online reservations)
fax 051 2757728