rules for reproduction


Reproduction of the documentary material in the museum is allowed for research and scientific documentation purposes. The reproductions must respect the limits put in place by the actual laws on the author's rights and by the museum's rules for the protection of its collections.


In order to use reproductions of the material owned by the museum for commercial purposes, an authorization release of the publication is required as well as a payment for economic usage rights due in the form that will be agreed upon by the involved parties.
The request for authorization must be forwarded to the Museum Administration, specifying the number of images to publish and the position of the images (inside, cover, etc.), the type of publication, the price for the public, and the number of copies to be made.
The permit is non-transferable, exclusive, and is released to be used for only one publication. It is obligatory to cite the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica di Bologna as the owner of the reproduced object.

reproduction and document delivery

The photocopy service is exclusively reserved for partial reproduction - up to a maximum of 20 photocopies - of the open shelf consultation material, modern volumes, and periodicals. It is regulated by copyright laws.

Works excluded from photocopying
 Prints and drawings also bound in volumes
 Works published before 1900
 Works in poor condition that can be damaged by the process
 Rare works or particularly valuable bibliographic works
For these works, only photographic reproduction is accepted

Reproduction requests can be forwarded directly to the library by mail, fax, or e-mail.
An estimate of the cost will be provided in response to the request.

Method of payment
 Bank wire transfer: account n. 000100805038, made out to Comune di Bologna, UNICREDIT Banca S.p.A. (ABI 02008 - CAB 02450 – IBAN IT11S0200802450000100805038 BIC UNCRITB1NU2) with the following reason of payment: "Servizio riproduzioni - Museo della musica, Prot. [number of protocol provided in the estimate]".

Any invoice must be requested in advance

PRICES (VAT non included, banking costs to be charged to the customer)

Photocopy b/w A4: 0,10 € + VAT
Photocopy b/w A3: 0,15 € + VAT

 Digital images
HQ digital image with professional camera: 0,80 € + VAT

 Sending files
Burning files on DVD and sending via ordinary mail (DVD included): 8,50 € + VAT
FTP sending file service: 4,00 € +VAT

NB: The digital images reproduce the open book (a single image consists of two original pages)

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